What if my juvenile records are sealed?
Even if a juvenile record has been sealed, any felony convictions are still disqualifying. Applicants must list all arrests and or convictions

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1. What are the minimum requirements for police recruits?
2. Where do I obtain an application?
3. When and where do I take the written test? How often is the written test given?
4. What types of questions are on the written test?
5. When do I find out if I was successful in passing the test?
6. How long does the hiring process take?
7. Will the hiring process be shorter for applicants with previous law enforcement or military experience?
8. What are possible disqualifiers for Police Officers/Recruits?
9. What will disqualify an applicant during a background investigation?
10. What if my juvenile records are sealed?
11. What about drug use, traffic citations or arrest records?
12. If I have a background investigation done with another agency, or have a top secret clearance in the military, will LMPD still do a background check?
13. Are there any height or weight requirements?
14. What can I do to be prepared, mentally, physically and socially?
15. What is the salary range for new Officers?
16. What medical benefits are available?
17. What about vacation and sick time benefits?
18. Will I be paid more money if I have a four year degree?
19. How long is the Police Academy training program?
20. Is the academy a live-in, high stress environment?
21. How much running is required in the academy?
22. What happens when I graduate from the academy?
23. Will I be paid while attending the academy?
24. I'm an officer from out of state. Can I apply as a lateral officer?
25. Is there a faster process for out of state applicants?
26. How do I apply as an out of state applicant?
27. Will a four year degree allow me to start as a detective?
28. Do I have to work the jail system prior to working the streets?
29. How long will it be before I can work a specialized assignment?
30. What area does La Mesa Police Department patrol?