What is the Parking Commission?
The La Mesa Community Parking Commission is an advisory board to the City Council. The Commission was created by Ordinance No. 2004-2737 adopted by the City Council on July 13, 2004. The purpose of the Commission is to ensure cost effective parking which meets the needs of the businesses, residents, and patrons by involving the community in parking management decisions. The Parking Commission can make recommendations to the City Council on matters related to parking management and operations, parking rates, expenditures on parking equipment, and capital improvements within the Downtown Village Parking District.

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1. What is the Parking Commission?
2. Who sits on the Parking Commission?
3. When and where does the Parking Commission hold its regular monthly meetings?
4. Where can I find agendas and/or meeting minutes for Parking Commission meetings?
5. How can I communicate with the Commission or report a parking concern?
6. When are parking meters enforced?
7. How do I pay the parking meter?
8. How much time can I purchase at a parking meter and what does it cost?
9. What if the parking meter is not functioning properly?
10. Are parking meters enforced on holidays?
11. How do I pay a parking citation?
12. How do I protest or dispute a parking citation?
13. What happens if I don’t pay a parking citation within 21 days?
14. What is the Parking Permit Program?
15. How much does a Parking Permit cost and what are the benefits?
16. I participate in the Parking Permit Program. How do I renew my permits?
17. I don’t participate in the Permit Program now but I’d like to. What do I do?