What is the procedure for obtaining a building permit?

The City is now accepting applications and plans electronically. Please visit our Maintstar Permit Portal. Once an account is created, you may apply for a permit, submit plans, receive permit invoices, schedule inspections and check permit status all 100% online. Please watch this tutorial on How to Create a MaintStar Account

A plan check fee is due prior to commencement of plan review. Fees are based upon construction valuation. Once the plans have been reviewed and approved by all City departments, a construction permit will be issued upon verification of contractor information and the payment of the required fees. All plans should be reviewed by the Planning Division before construction permit submittal. Contact the Planning Division at 619.667.1177 or via email at Planning@cityoflamesa.us for more information.

Plan review applications for which no permit is issued within one year following the date of application shall expire by limitation. In order to renew action on an application after expiration, the applicant shall resubmit plans and pay a new plan review fee.

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