Spring Street Improvements

TrolleyEnhancing the Functionality of the Spring Street Trolley

Dedicated efforts by city traffic engineers have been invested in refining the operation of traffic signals along Spring Street. Addressing a distinctive challenge, the trolley's impact on five signals necessitated strategic solutions. Given the priority accorded to the trolley over other traffic operations, a deliberate focus was required to overcome coordination limitations along Spring Street. The trolley takes precedence over all other traffic operations (which is probably a good thing because no one wants to have a conflict with a trolley). The trolley limits the ability to coordinate the signals on Spring Street.

Minimizing Trolley Interruptions

A notable enhancement to the Spring Street signals aimed at minimizing trolley interruptions is the implementation of a specialized left-turn sequence. Specifically, the northbound left-turn phase is now consistently serviced after a trolley pre-emption. Addressing a frequent concern voiced by citizens, the adjustment ensures that the trolley no longer curtails northbound left-turns prematurely, preventing individuals from being stranded for an entire signal cycle. This improvement has proven effective in preventing traffic congestion caused by delayed left-turn movements, positively impacting overall traffic flow on Spring Street.

Streamlining Northbound Left-Turns

In response to community feedback and in alignment with our commitment to continuous improvement, a key focus has been placed on addressing the inconvenience experienced by northbound left-turn traffic on Spring Street. Previously subject to waiting through an entire signal cycle, these left-turn movements are now prioritized during specified hours following a trolley pre-emption. This strategic adjustment, based on careful observations, has resulted in a significant enhancement of traffic flow throughout Spring Street.

Our Commitment to You

These initiatives reflect our ongoing dedication to refining traffic flow in La Mesa. We value and appreciate the input received from the community and remain committed to actively listening and responding to your concerns. As we move forward, our commitment to improving the overall experience on Spring Street remains unwavering.