Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

In 2022, the City contracted with consulting firm Baker Tilly to development a new Strategic Plan. A strategic plan is a roadmap that points out a destination and provides a clear concise path to reach it. The strategic plan establishes priority areas of focus for the City over the next five years, highlights specific strategies that will be executed to achieve desired outcomes.

The Strategic Plan sets a course of action by establishing a vision, mission, values and strategies to effectively achieve objectives. The Implementation Action Plan will serve as an executable roadmap that details specific steps to accomplish strategies and goals included in the Strategic Plan.

The strategic planning process gathered and analyzed information through interviews with elected officials and City staff, analyzed the results of the 2023 Community Survey, an online employee survey, and reviewed the City’s previous Strategic Plan. On June 10, 2023, the City Council held a Strategic Planning Workshop that included elected officials, City staff, and the public to review the information gathered and create consensus for the vision, mission, values, goals and strategies. 

At the September 12, 2023 City Council meeting the final Strategic Plan was presented to the City Council. The highlights of the Strategic Plan are:


La Mesa is a thriving community where everyone feels at home


Our mission is to reliably deliver high-quality public services that enhance the quality of life for all

Organizational Values

Welcoming, Accessibility, Accountability, Excellent Customer Service, Integrity


Safe Community - Maintain a community where residents and visitors feel safe

Financial Sustainability - Ensure a strong financial outlook through careful planning, sustainable service levels, and fiscal sustainability

Livability - Promote a high quality of life that current and future generations can afford to call home

Infrastructure and Amenities - Invest in infrastructure to serve the needs of the community

High-Performing Organization - Nurture an organizational culture where employees are recognized for the delivery of high-quality services to the community 

La Mesa Strategic Plan