About Police Records

The Police Department’s business office maintains all the records of reported crimes and criminal offender information. Requests for information may be submitted to our business office staff, who will review the request and insure the appropriate information is released in compliance with the law.

Business office personnel process and distribute incoming police reports and also provide a variety of over-the-counter services to the public:
  • Audiotape copying for $65
  • Videotape copying for $265
  • Child seat inspection and installation free to La Mesa residents / non-residents $70
  • Clearance letter / background check for $29
  • Correctable citation sign off moving violations not issued by LMPD $30 (LMPD issued citations are free)
  • Digital photos for $47
  • Excess false alarm fee for $193
  • Fingerprint roll fee (Livescan) for $20
  • Ink fingerprint cards for $17
  • Quick dismissal of handicapped citation violations for $8
  • Release of impounded vehicles for $217
  • Release of repossessed vehicles for $15 
  • Provide information and copies of police reports

Obtain a Police Report

Copies of police reports and other Police Department records can be released only when certain criteria has been met. Requests for release of information are reviewed on a case by case basis to determine if they can be granted. Reports with open court cases are not available until after the case has been completely adjudicated in court. 

The Business Office staff is pleased to answer any questions pertaining to requests for records, in accordance with the California Public Records Act.  While there are many different circumstances that may prevent a report from being released, the following are the most common reasons:

  • Case still under investigation
  • Pending court case
  • Safety and confidentiality of victims / witnesses
  • Case involves a juvenile

Police Forms