Fingerprinting and Live Scan

About Fingerprinting

Fingerprinting services are provided at the La Mesa Police Department at 8085 University Avenue. The La Mesa Police Department's Live Scan office is open for business by appointment only. Please call 619.667.7592 to schedule an appointment. Cash, check, or credit card payments are accepted.

Live Scans

Live scan fingerprint fees may vary according to job title, occupation, and requesting agency. The City of La Mesa charges a $20 roll fee in addition to the Department of Justice (DOJ) fee of $32 and Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) fee of $19. To process live scan fingerprints, a Request For Live Scan Service form is required and may be obtained from the requesting agency.

Ink Cards

The La Mesa Police Live Scan Office supplies ink cards for ink prints unless otherwise given to applicant by the requesting agency. The fee is $15 per ink card.

Criminal History Record

The La Mesa Police Department can provide individuals with information on their local criminal history, but this would only include records of incidents which occurred in the City of La Mesa. Individuals wishing to review their entire criminal history records from any jurisdiction in California should contact the Department of Justice (DOJ) or visit the Attorney General's website regarding fingerprinting.

The La Mesa Police Department is authorized by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to assist in obtaining fingerprints required for a criminal record check. To receive a copy of a criminal history (record review), individuals must submit Live Scan Fingerprints. The fee is $25 to the Department of Justice and $20 to the City of La Mesa.