It’s Child’s Play

Playground Renovation Projects

The Foundation recognizes the benefits of play and the important role it performs in childhood development. Active play improves reflexes, fine and gross motor skills, and flexibility. Play can increase a child's self-confidence, promote greater self-esteem, and help to develop cognitive and social interaction skills.

In examining recreational needs within the community and conducting a physical tour of La Mesa parks, the Board of Directors developed It's Child's Play, a capital campaign to renovate five La Mesa park playgrounds to make them more safe, accessible, and attractive for the community.

It's Child's Play's initial goal was to raise funds to replace five playgrounds in La Mesa parks. The playgrounds identified were in Collier, Jackson, La Mesita, Northmont, and Vista La Mesa Parks. The new playgrounds provide accessible, age appropriate and fun playgrounds that mirror the community desires for their neighborhood parks.

Playground with Play Road around itThe first It's Child's Play playground was completed in November 2010. The Drew Ford Family Playground at Jackson Park honors its donors with a transportation theme featuring car climbers and resilient surfacing depicting a roadway surrounding the play structure.

PlaygroundIn January 2014, Northmont Park playground was completed. This beautiful playground was funded by Grossmont Shopping Center and Bill and Norma Verbeck and has a nature theme and features a decorative art tile seat wall. The tiles were created by students at Northmont Elementary School.

La Mesita Playground off Dallas Street was completed in January 2019 thanks to a generous donation by GameTime and features a Modern City Playground, the first of its kind.

Child on Playground

In May 2019, Vista La Mesa Park playground was completed thanks to a generous donation by Ed and Sandy Burr of EDCO and features an amazing tree house and EDCO recycle truck play structure.

Play Emergency Management VehicleFundraising is now complete for Collier Park and in early 2022 construction will begin to renovate the park with new landscaping, a wide walking loop around the park, a new playground and fitness equipment, tennis / pickleball court, restroom, picnic pavilion, additional parking and more.

In 2022, the Board of Directors will begin fundraising for play and/or fitness structures for Aztec and Harry Griffen Park. Be sure to follow us on social media to keep up-to-date about fundraising events and opportunities in the future.

The concept of It's Child's Play is for private funding to create themed play spaces that provide enhanced play experiences that would not be possible with the limited public funding available today.Play Equipment Treehouse

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