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lifejacket safety

Lifejackets, or Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs), are important and should be worn correctly!

This document has information for the Starfish Aquatics Institute about how to properly fit and wear a PFD. It includes skills to practice while wearing a PFD, a fun rhythm for kids, and other safety concepts. 

English:  Lifejacket Handout
Spanish: Lifejacket Handout (Español)
Download the lifejacket coloring page: Lifejacket coloring page


This online course teaches parents and caregivers, especially those around young children, about the concepts of the circle of drowning prevention, water competency, and the chain of drowning survival. It also provides guidance for applying water safety to common environments and situations where children are most at risk for drowning.

The course is available for everyone at Red Cross Class
The course is also available in Spanish Red Cross Spanish Class

Water safety fun

Learning about Water Safety can be fun!

Coloring pages:

Pool Safety Rules

Keep the conversation going!

Activity Pages to help everyone talk about being safe in and around the water:

 Something to think about when swimsuit shopping this year!

Swim Suit Color Test LightSwim Suit Color Test Dark
Water Safety Tips

Other resources: 

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