Complete Streets Integrated Design Manual

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Welcome to the Complete Streets Integrated Design Manual (Click Here)—a visionary initiative by the City of La Mesa made possible through a Smart Growth Incentive Program grant from the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG). This comprehensive manual serves as a guiding beacon for urban development, offering a robust toolbox of engineering elements meticulously curated to facilitate the seamless integration of Complete Streets principles in upcoming projects involving street and sidewalk enhancements.

Embark on a journey through the essence of Complete Streets, where safety and comfort converge for every individual—be it pedestrians, cyclists, public transit users, or motorists. A Complete Street is a holistic approach to urban design, ensuring that all users coexist harmoniously within the urban fabric.

What sets our Complete Streets Design Manual apart is its commitment to providing practical solutions. This manual is more than just a compilation of guidelines; it is a dynamic resource, a toolkit designed to empower planners, engineers, and decision-makers. Each component in our toolbox has been meticulously selected to align with Smart Growth policies, making it easier to infuse these principles into the DNA of future projects.

Key components of our toolbox include:

  • Pedestrian-friendly Infrastructure: Incorporate features that enhance the pedestrian experience, from well-designed crosswalks to strategically placed amenities.
  • Bicycle Infrastructure: Integrate bike lanes, racks, and other cycling-friendly elements to encourage and accommodate sustainable modes of transportation.
  • Transit Enhancements: Optimize transit access and facilities to promote public transportation usage and connectivity.
  • Vehicle Accommodations: Design streets that balance the needs of drivers, ensuring smooth traffic flow and accessibility.

We invite you to explore the Complete Streets Integrated Design Manual—a testament to our commitment to fostering vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable urban environments. Join us in shaping the future of La Mesa, where every street is a complete street.

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How is the Manual guiding changes in the City?

The Manual helped shape the vision for the La Mesa Boulevard Complete Streets Plan that will reshape La Mesa Boulevard to include many new design features from the Manual such as: shade trees, attractive landscaping, traffic calming and safety improvements, comfortable bike facilities, enhanced transit stops, and more.

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