Climate Action Plan

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Watch an educational video about the City of La Mesa’s Climate Action Plan in La Mesa

About the Climate Action Plan

In March 2018, the City of La Mesa affirmed its commitment to environmental sustainability when City Council adopted the Climate Action Plan (CAP).  The CAP establishes a long-range roadmap to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the categories of energy, transportation, solid waste, water, and green infrastructure. These efforts help drive down harmful emissions and support La Mesa’s vision of a community with a safe and healthy environment.

The City of La Mesa is currently updating the 2018 Climate Action Plan and is expected to be completed in 2023.  Subscribe to the City of La Mesa City Manager Update newsletter to stay up to date on workshops and updates.  

CAP 2018 Title Page

View the Climate Action Plan here, and other related documents below

CAP GHG Targets

City of La Mesa Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets

The CAP establishes two community-wide greenhouse gas reduction goals to inform the City’s actions:

  • 15% reduction from 2010 emissions by 2020
  • 53% reduction from 2010 emissions by 2035

By partnering with SANDAG, the City receives a snapshot of the community wide GHG inventory data every two years. The graph illustrates when SANDAG gathered the first baseline data in 2010, and inventory updates in 2016 and 2018. The City will receive its 2020 data in late 2022.

Figure 1 (right): 2020 and 2035 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets 

Annual Reports

As part of the 2018 CAP, each year the City releases a Climate Action Plan Annual Report to provide an update on implementation efforts taken. Additionally, the City releases an Annual Report Appendix for a more detailed breakdown of actions taken a2022 CAP Annual Report Cover Page Photond status.

Climate Action Plan Progress Reports

On January 25, 2022, City Council adopted a Resolution that requested progress reports be presented to City Council every six months. 


While the CAP comprehensively outlines measures and proposed actions that will help meet the City’s 2020 and 2035 GHG reduction goals, the CAP Implementation Plan was developed as an action plan to identify the near-term activities the City will pursue over the next two years. The Plan takes into account staff capacity, City resources, grants, and other potential funding opportunities. City Council approved the first FY19-21 Implementation Plan in February 2019 and second FY22-23 CAP Implementation Plan in August 2021.

Curious how you can engage? Take a look at our CAP brochure for easy ways you can reduce your environmental footprint and support La Mesa’s goals.

Climate Action Plan Documents

Regional CollaborationsClimate Collaborative Logo Opens in new window

The City is a member of the San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative, a regional forum for public agencies to share expertise and leverage resources to support climate action planning and implementation. Learn more about the programs and resources offered through the Climate Collaborative here.

Fellowship Support of the CAP

The City has partnered with Fellows in the CivicSpark and College Corps programs to serve the City and work with the Environmental Program Manager on CAP projects including but not limited to: solid waste management, energy efficiency, community engagement, water conservation, transportation, and green infrastructure. When their service term is complete, they transition projects over to staff and incoming Fellows. They play an important role in helping the City of La Mesa reach their climate action goals.

CivicSpark - CivicSpark is a Governor’s Initiative AmeriCorps program dedicated to building capacity for local CivicSpark Logopublic agencies to address community resilience issues. Starting in September 2021, the City of La Mesa began hosting two CivicSpark Fellows to serve full time for an 11-month service term and assist with implementation of the CAP and continue to host Fellows annually. Learn more about CivicSpark here

College Corps - College Corps is a California Volunteers initiative that partners with California colleges and universities in order to engage students in meaningful service to build leadership and civic responsibility. Starting in August 2022, the City of LCollege Corps Logoa Mesa began hosting two College Corps Fellows from USD to serve part time over the academic year and assist with CAP implementation. Learn more about College Corps here

Climate Action Plan Kids Activity Book

Any age is a great age to learn about climate action! As part of the City of La Mesa's Climate Action Plan (CAP) education efforts, download the City of La Mesa's Climate Action Plan Kids Activity Book. The activity book includes a variety of activities for children to learn about the different key strategy areas of La Mesa's CAP: Energy, Transportation, Water, Solid Waste, and Green Infrastructure. Activities include coloring pages, a word search, mazes, and more.  

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