Legacy Project

Construction is complete at The Lookout At Legacy Park. This new pocket park features the artwork of the Dominguez Family, a memorial clock, and a time capsule that will be unearthed in 2062.  It will be enjoyed as a gathering spot in the Downtown Village for years to come. The project was officially unveiled at a celebratory grand opening on June 29th, 2016. 

About the Project

As part of the City of La Mesa Centennial celebration, a lasting legacy monument, "The Lookout" has been added to the City’s Downtown Village. Donations and financial proceeds support a monument that:

  • Reflects the small town village feel in La Mesa as well as reflect some aspect of the past, present, and future of the City;   
  • Provides a physical canvas for inscription of donor names to honor their contribution to the Centennial celebration;
  • Includes a time capsule which memorializes the Centennial event, other memorabilia and those who volunteered time and donations; and
  • Subscribes to the theory of “placemaking” which is to create usable, inviting areas for residents to gather.


The legacy monument is located at the triangle piece of property at the intersection of La Mesa Boulevard and Allison Avenue. View detailed information about the monument, "The Lookout."