Volunteer Opportunities

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The City of La Mesa has a long history of volunteerism that has led to meaningful opportunities that create positive change in our community. Volunteering is a wonderful way to give of your talents. The impact is endless.

Over the years, volunteers have:

  • Cleaned parks and walking routes
  • Driven seniors and the disabled to doctor appointments, grocery shopping, and other vital services
  • Patrolled La Mesa streets and events as part of the RSVP program
  • Served on commissions, task forces, and committees
  • Participated in and assisted with events such as Flag Day Parade and the Centennial Celebration 
  • Performed administrative tasks such as answering phones and providing information on services
  • Planted trees 
  • Painted utility boxes
  • Watched over students as they walk to and from school
  • And more….saving the City thousands of dollars every year

Are you looking for a way to give back? The City offers year-round, monthly, or even one-time opportunities to volunteer. Below is a brief description of some of the tasks needed.


  1. The Adult Enrichment Center (AEC) welcomes volunteers during office hours to help with light administrative tasks such as assisting staff with mailings, filing, phone, and in-person inquiries. Training is offered to introduce programs offered.  
    Volunteer assignments are available mornings or afternoons most days of the week for weekly or monthly assignments, usually in three to four-hour shifts. Fill out an application here.
  2. If you have special talents or hobbies that you can share, the Adult Enrichment Center is always looking for volunteer instructors to teach a variety of courses. Classes are offered weekly Monday-Friday and include topics such as dance, bridge, scrapbook, paper crafts, and more. 

Please contact Meg Howell with any questions or class proposals at mhowell@cityoflamesa.us or 619.667.1322.


Volunteers in this program cover one to six-hour assignments working for the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP). This 20+-year-old program is vital to the Police Department’s day-to-day operations. Assignments are with a partner and include delivering court paperwork, patrolling city streets, performing vacation home checks, responding to traffic collisions, and assisting disabled motorists. Assignments are also available helping with appointments in the LiveScan (fingerprinting) office or calling residents enrolled in the You Are Not Alone (YANA) program.   More information can be found here


Do you want to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and help keep clean parks and public right-of-ways clean? The Public Works Department is seeking volunteers to “adopt” a block or local park as part of the City’s initiative to combat litter. Volunteers receive safety training and orientation as well as trash bags and litter pick-up tools. Most volunteers contribute five hours monthly to the program, often adopting a walking route or area of their neighborhood.


Opportunities for monthly, quarterly and annual group volunteer projects are also available. Staff will work with service organizations, spiritual groups, schools, or youth troops to ensure that the right project to fit your needs is found. From painting to park clean-ups or fence repair to planting, the City of La Mesa wants to work with your group to find the perfect project for you. Letters for service hours can be signed for those requiring documentation of volunteer hours.


Throughout the year, the City of La Mesa offers opportunities for volunteering at special events. Events are a great option for someone who wants to get involved but has a full schedule and cannot commit to a reoccurring assignment. Check the City Calendar for events such as Earth Day, Park Appreciation Day, and the Flag Day Parade. Individual volunteers or groups are encouraged to inquire about upcoming events the City has to offer.